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Types of Backup
Written by Manuel
Updated over a week ago

Media backup starts the moment you enable it. Previous uploads will not automatically back up.

There are two ways to enable backup:

Photos app backup

This option is only available during the creation of the Journals for Pro and Free users.

By default, Leap Second stores your entries locally on your app. With this configuration, enable Store in Photos during the Journal creation to backup your entries.

There are two ways to backup your entries from your Photos app:

  1. iCloud Photo Library: This Apple feature has a monthly fee. You can enable it in your device's Settings app: Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos. With this feature, your Journal will safely back up to Apple iCloud.

  2. Manual backup: This happens outside the Leap Second app and requires backing up your device. First, unhide your entries. Go to your Leap Second's app Settings > Advanced > turn Show Hidden Videos on, then follow Apple's how to backup & restore tutorial.

Leap Second Cloud backup

Leap Second Cloud is a Pro feature that enables Cloud and Local storage. Your entries are linked safely to your Leap Second account with this feature.

To restore your Journals from Leap Second Cloud, log in to your account, and your Journals will automatically download to your new device.

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