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Lost videos

Opened the app and and all your videos gone?

Written by Natalia Margaria
Updated over a week ago

There are a few reasons your entries might not appear on your Timeline. This article outlines a few solutions depending on Types of Storage and potential temporary issues.

⚠️Media backup starts the moment you enable it. Previous uploads will not automatically back up.
⚠️Logging into your Leap Second Account on a new device, after reinstalling Leap Second or performing a factory reset, and then enabling Backup will not restore your entries.

Temporary lost videos

Entries might seem lost but will appear again in the next few hours for some cases. It might happen due to server congestion or connectivity issues. If you did not do any updates, deleted the app, or factory reset your phone, this could be your case. Get in touch with us to receive assistance if your entries are not back in 24 to 48 hours.

How to recover entries stored in Leap Second

If you were storing your entries in Leap Second and deleted the app before enabling Leap Second Cloud storage without a factory reset, restoring your phone is the only way to retrieve your entries. You can read more on how to restore from a backup.

How to recover entries stored locally in the Photos app

Deleted entries from the Photos app are usually found in the "Recently Deleted" album.

Go to your Recently Deleted, check if your Leap Second entries are there, and restore it.

If you find your Leap Second entries on your Photos App but not in the app, search for an album called Leap Second and move (or copy) your entries there.

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