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Types of Storage

Understand how storage works, which one you have

Written by Manuel
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Leap Second does not store your entries on the app. To ensure you never lose your Journal entries, review the following tips.

There are three ways you can store your Journal:

To check which storage option you have enabled, check the icon on the side of your Journal name:

  • The icon below indicates storage on your Local device.

  • The icon below indicates storage in your Leap Second Cloud.

  • The icon below indicates storage on your in the Photos app.

Local device storage

By default, Leap Second will store your entries locally on your app. With this configuration, all entries will be lost if you delete the app, do a factory reset, or change your device.

Leap Second Cloud

Leap Second Cloud is a Pro feature that enables Cloud and Local storage.

Your entries are linked safely to your Leap Second account with this feature. If you change your phone, delete the app, or do a factory reset, you can retrieve everything by logging into your account.

Photos App storage

With this setting, your device's Photos native app creates albums with the same name as your Journals and stores all your entries.

Your Journal entries won't be stored locally or in the Leap Second Cloud, only on your device. If you delete the app and install it again, you can retrieve your entries on the same device, but your Journals won't sync to other devices or if you do a factory reset.

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